South Warwickshire Environmental Association

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Questions asked at Salford Priors Parish Council Meeting on 18th November 2009

Q. Can we have a representative on the Cemex Liaison Committee?
A. No the representation is restricted by law to Cemex and Council members.

Q. Are there any funds available to engage professional services in matters relating to the proposed quarries?
A. No - the available funds were consumed by the independent survey.

Q. When is the regulatory meeting regarding the north-of Broom-lane extension being rescheduled for?
A. The date will be published on the County Council web site.

Q. Is it true that the gravel processing plant is to be moved from Marsh Farm to Berry Coppice?
A. Marsh Farm and Berry Coppice are independent sites. What Ragley or Cemex, jointly or individually, propose to do is unknown at this time.

Q. Is the "Quarry Lorry" restriction on the B4088 being enforced?
A. There is no restriction on the B4088. At the time of the original Marsh Farm application this was a major trunk road and it was not possible to impose a restriction. Nor will it be possible to impose restrictions going forward.

Q. What is the councils opinion on the proposed "Country Land and Business Association" event to be held at Ragley on a three yearly basis and said to attract about 160,000 visitors.
A. The licensing of the event will be dealt with by Stratford upon Avon District Council when applied for.