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North of Broom Lane Extension to Marsh Farm Quarry Planning Permission

CEMEX's restoration plan for Marsh Farm with proposed restoration schedule

Our MP's letter to CEMEX and CEMEX's response

Latest approved timetable for the Minerals Development Framework process - April 2007

Bidford on Avon Parish Council Response to minerals core strategy – revised spatial options consultation - April 2009

Salford Priors Parish Council Marsh Farm Quarry Report - November 2009

Excerpt from Salford Parish Council News Letter - November 2009

Stratford uon Avon Council Response to felling restrictions for trees planted under grant in Berry Copice - 17th November 2009

Warwickshire County Coucil comments on Revised Spatial Options document of the emerging Minerals Core Strategy for Warwickshire - 16th November 2009

Questions asked at Salford Priors Parish Council Meeting on 18th November 2009 and answers

BioDiversity in relation to Berry Coppice

Budgens display article

North of Broom Lane Extension Objections