South Warwickshire Environmental Association

A group to provide a forum for local opinion

About the group

A forum for local opinion with a common focus and links to external organizations to enable us to disseminate information to the community.


  1. To provide a forum and focus for local opinion on environmental issues.
  2. To monitor environmental issues, concerning industrial, agricultural and commercial operations, that affect our rural communities.
  3. To co-ordinate information within a central organisation and keep local communities informed of issues and relevant developments.
  4. To make representations on behalf of its members on environmental issues.

You can read our Constitution here


John Fenlon 01789 772 182 Chairman
Lindsay Wright 01789 778 496  
Chris Beamish 01789 778 705 Deputy Chairman
Daryl Bailey 01789 778 419 Treasurer
Melanie Holland 01789 772 566 Broom Representative
Liam Maude 01789 765 295 Secretary