South Warwickshire Environmental Association

A group to provide a forum for local opinion

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What's happening with the Quarry proposals?
A: Nobody is really sure and so we have established this group to try and get some answers. This is what we know so far:

The planned extension of the Manor Farm quarry to the area north of Broom Lane has been put forward to the Warwickshire County Council Regulatory (planning) committee which is scheduled for early next year. We intend to have representative registered to speak and will keep you informed of dates.
Monitoring Progress of Planning Application S2141/09CM018

The proposed sites at Berry Coppice, Millers Bank and East of A46 site are still part the minerals core strategy but have not yet been put forward to planning.

Eastern Extension Broom Lane - Consent has already been granted to extract part of the East of A46 site but the area proposed in the core strategy is much larger.
Minerals Core Strategy - Revised Spatial Option