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Excerpt from Salford Parish Council News Letter

Salford Seven



A planning application has been submitted by CEMEX to develop a new quarry North of Broom Lane as an extension to the existing quarry at Marsh Farm.
The Parish Council (and many residents) has objected to this appli­cation. We have little confidence that the existing quarry will be re­stored quickly. We need evidence that substantial progress is being made. An aerial photograph taken earlier in the year demonstrates that this is not the case. We know there has been a virtual stop to the availa­bility of inert waste to fill the site in accordance with the current condi­tions, but there are no proposals for an alternative scheme.
The Council thinks the application is premature and we are very con­cerned about the long term plans for gravel extraction in the area. At the moment it seems as if ad-hoc deci­sions are the order of the day and we have no idea where it might end. This will be a major issue at any public examination of the gravel issue.

and record numbers protest at Berry Coppice plan


Residents should know that there were more objections to Berry Cop­pice than any other site in the County and already the operators have spo­ken about reducing the area of the site to behind Hillers - not that that is anymore acceptable!

The Parish Council, with support from the Salford Seven Gravel Group, put together a very full re­sponse to the consultation and the County planners have recorded all the many points made. Eventually this process should culminate with an examination in public and this will be the main opportunity for res­idents and the Parish Council to put their case to an independent assessor